I designed RISWS so managers could solve their own team problems.

When I started solving discrete business problems through Flash Consulting with Magda Pecsenye, people asked if I could train them to flash consult their own work team problems. They were intrigued with the way I look at a problem, identify the constraints, and then assess possible solutions according to how they conform to the values of the stakeholders.

Many managers are promoted because they're great at their jobs, but have little experience or training managing others. If they're given any training, it's usually about managing projects, not managing people. So they fumble through, and some of them get good at it, but most people wish there was a way to make it more systematized. Trial and error is overrated when it affects other people.

There is a need for a method managers can learn to uncover and solve problems team members are having, methodically and consistently, so the team achieves and remains in a state of efficiency, empowerment, and engagement. There is also a need for a method managers can use to determine when employees can solve their own problems, and when the manager needs to step in to solve it.

So I created Reporting/Interpreting/Solving Workflow Solutions (RISWS). I developed RISWS to be easy and non-intrusive for employees to report, and straightforward and efficient for managers and team leaders to monitor, interpret, and create solutions from.

RISWS is the framework that allows you to Flash Consult your own team, all the time. It develops trust between team members and managers, and prevents problems from becoming crises. It uses data to allow everyone to be more human at work, and it generates harmony and momentum on your team.

For a 2-page brochure with details of the training process and pricing for training, click here. To schedule training in RISWS for the managers in your organization, contact us at contact at risws.com.