RISWS for Business

RISWS for Business

If you manage a team, department, or company, chances are you're too busy doing your own job to know what's really happening with your team members.

You may have a project management system, and even collaboration tools, but do you know what challenges your people are facing and what achievements you have every week? Things like client problems, internal dynamics, systemic bottlenecks, problems with competitors? Are you giving them what they need to be able to solve their own problems and solving the problems they don't have the access or leverage to solve? Do you even know what problems they're having?

If you don't know what problems your people are having regularly, you're definitely spending too much time putting out fires, and it's taking away from the time you spend doing your own job. In addition, you have no idea if bigger problems are brewing that could slow down your entire department, cost you a lot of money, or leave you open to censure from above. It's key for you to know what's happening with your people--not just their production and hitting metrics, but what challenges are endangering their production and sinking their engagement and efficiency.

Recording/Interpreting/Solving Workflow Solutions (RISWS) is a simple but robust system that routinizes reporting of challenges and achievements from your team members so you have an accurate picture of the challenges you're facing and can make a plan to eliminate those challenges. It's simple for your team members to do so you can get full compliance, and clear and direct for you to interpret. The longer you use it, the less work it takes and the calmer your department becomes. There's no way for it to reflect poorly on you or any of your team members who are actually working--in fact, it helps you establish a record of success so you can manage up on behalf of your entire team.

Give more accurate performance ratings when you have weekly records and can rate workers relative to the challenges they encountered to doing their jobs well.

Show the value of your team, both in the accomplishments they make and in the obstacles they overcome.

Monitor your team to efficiency and engagement by removing barriers to excellent work and keeping things running smoothly for peak performance.

RISWS is a framework, so it works for any industry and any work configuration. Your team members do a simple report to you once a week. It should take them around ten minutes, depending on their job functions and the information that's useful for you to analyze.

The industry and job-function-specific part of RISWS comes in on the manager's side in interpreting and creating solutions to implement based on interpreting the reports. A big part of the training in RISWS is dedicated to working through the types of reports you will get from your specific team (in their job functions in your organization in your industry). The follow-up training sessions use your actual reporting data from your people to show you how to be specific about working through problems and finding solutions in the most methodical, simple way possible.

RISWS is not another time-heavy task added to your load. It requires an initial investment of time, but once you're up and running with it, it should give you back time you'd been spending worrying about what was happening and what you didn't know, finding you extra hours by putting appropriate amounts of the problem-solving responsibility onto your team members, and creating smooth efficiency where you'd been dealing with constant crises.

For a 2-page brochure with details of the training process and pricing for training, click here. To schedule training in RISWS for the managers in your organization, contact us at contact at risws.com.