You're gonna need a bigger boat

If you don't know what problems your people are having, you have no idea what's heading your way. Is your team safe from chaos and disruption? Or is there a gathering predator about to strike? You have no idea if their problems are manageable or critical.

Unknown knowns

RISWS gives you data about the variety of challenges your people are battling, from bona fide subject problems to internal dynamics to client issues. It takes information you're already gathering and adds intel you don't get from other reporting schemes.

The wisdom to know the difference

There are problems your people could solve themselves, if only they had permission and the resources to. There are problems you need to solve for your people. RISWS shows you which are which, so you can either solve them or empower your people to solve them.

Let the horses run faster

Once you've been working with RISWS for awhile, you'll know what your people are doing really, really well. Let them be as wild and engaged as they can be, knowing that everything's going in the right direction.

Do you know everything you need to know about what's going on with your team?

Not the project deadlines and deliverables--everyone (and every management system) is on top of that. But the things that are slowing your people down, stressing them out, making them disconnect and disengage, making them dread coming into the building every morning. Do you know what those are?

If you don't, you're at a major disadvantage, because your team is unstable and your people aren't as engaged as they should be. And that means you're not as engaged as you should be. You're treading water when you should be gliding.

The solution is a system called Recording/Interpreting/Solving Workflow Solutions (RISWS). It's simple and very straightforward, but gives you enough information to know what challenges are affecting your team and what you can do to protect your people to create a stable, engaged team.

RISWS a data-driven management system that is all about your people, and getting out of their way so they can be their best. It helps you manage problems together, and focus on what everyone is really good at.

It easily rides on top of any other reporting you're doing, with only 10 minutes of maintenance for your team members each week. You (the manager) have to be trained in interpretation and solving the reports, but once you've got it, you've got it, and it becomes part of your normal routine. An early warning system. The ace up your sleeve. The bridge from where you are to where you need to be, that stays stable no matter what swirls around it.

You can be the best manager your people have ever had.

Do you need something about RISWS in business jargon to get your boss or HR to approve doing training? Click here for the jargon-full version.

Here's the 2-page brochure outlining the training process and containing pricing.