Reporting/Interpreting/Solving Workflow Solutions (RISWS) is for managers.

Anyone who needs to lead or manage other people to get things done together can use RISWS to create a better-functioning team. Only the person managing the team needs to be trained in RISWS--the team members learn the reporting system easily from the trained manager.

There are several options for learning the RISWS system:

  1. Do an individual training, either remotely or or your site.
  2. Do a group training (of up to eight managers/team leaders/administrators), either remotely or at your site (recommended).
  3. Come to an open RISWS training.

Training to use RISWS in your organization consists of two steps. The first step is showing you the standardized reporting formula to teach your team, and the first level of reading and interpreting the reports. The second step is showing you how to interepret the reports and solve problems for your tema. This second step is customized, specific, and based on your actual data, so it takes place at specific times after the intial training session.

All trainings consist of:

  1. an initial session of 6-8 hours (broken into chunks if done remotely) to explain the reporting system and how to introduce it, interpretation, and steps toward implementation of solutions;
  2. a second session of 3-4 hours focusing on interpretation of your actual reports from team members (3-6 weeks after introducing the reporting system to your team);
  3. and three monthly individual half-hour sessions spent interpreting and planning solutions using your actual reports from team members.

For a 2-page brochure with details of the training process and pricing for training, click here. To schedule training in RISWS for the managers in your organization, contact us at contact at risws.com.