What is RISWS?

What is RISWS?

Recording/Interpreting/Solving Workflow Solutions (RISWS) is a system that allows team managers to understand and manage the problems their teams are challenged with and eliminate those problems for better team efficiency.

It consists of:

1) weekly reports in a specific format that your team makes to you,
2) methods of interpreting those reports to get different categories of information, and
3) plans to implement to sort and eliminate the problems uncovered by the reporting.

When implemented correctly, RISWS allows you to:

  1. Be aware of and understand the challenges your team members are facing
  2. Understand your team and team challenges more broadly and more deeply than project updates can tell you
  3. Sort challenges by who can create solutions to them
  4. Triage challenges to solve them without becoming overwhelmed
  5. Empower your team members so they can be more engaged and efficient
  6. Understand your team members' strengths better
  7. Do more robust and fair performance reviews based on data instead of perceptions
  8. Manage up for more respect and resources for your department inside the company
  9. Stay calm because you're aware of what's happening in your department and aren't constantly putting out fires anymore

RISWS is a system that works for any industry and any hierarchical structure (and even most flat structures)--only the interpretation changes across industries and team structures.

For a 2-page brochure with details of the training process and pricing for training, click here. To schedule training in RISWS for the managers in your organization, contact us at contact at risws.com.